The Oxygen Rag work culture stays authentic to a Oxygen lifestyle. We believe mindful movement changes who we are, making our lives and communities better. β€œStudio to street” means taking the consciousness from the mat and putting it into practice in life.

We have built a culture where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives. We look for ways to inspire positive change for both the company and the planet, having manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible way since day one. We also encourage daily yoga classes and boast a full workout facility to help create a clear mind and creative environment for our team of go-getters.


Community is Everything
We leave our egos at the door and come in each day ready to connect, share and embrace new perspectives. We draw strength from our passionate community and channel it into personal & brand growth.

Health is Wealth
For all employees, we offer free yoga classes daily at our sanctuaries, annual membership to our exclusive streaming services β€” Oxygen Rag Moves, and access to enhanced benefits platform focused on mental health and wellness. For our full-time employees, we offer excellent medical, dental & vision plans and 401K matching, an in-office gym at HQ, and access to online family planning & care services. And don’t forget to bring your dog friends to HQ for an extra boost of dopamine.

A Place for Growth
Our commitment to a balanced, healthy lifestyle is reflected in both our stores, sanctuaries and Beverly Hills HQ. Our locations and office design boast plenty of natural light, open space, a meditation studio & incredible natural touches. We even have a centrally placed tree that spans 3 floors at our corporate offices.

Support + Generosity
Stay comfy and active with a generous discount on all our brands. We want you to be at your best, which is why at HQ we stay stocked with complimentary treats and snacks and offer kombucha and cold-brew on tap.